•  Millwoods east of 34th St. including: Meadowbrook, Fountain Lake, Wildrose, Tamarack and Tamarack Common etc…… $60.00
  •  Millwoods west of 34th St. to Calgary Trail including: Walker Lakes, Ellerslie Crossing, Summerside, etc ……  $80.00
  •  South of the River and west of Calgary Trail including: Southgate, Riverbend, Twin Brooks, Bonnie Doon, also includes Sherwood Park and Beaumont…… $110.00
  •  North and west of the North Saskatchewan river including: Lewis Estates, The Hamptons, Cameron Heights, Castle Downs, Clareview, etc. …….. $140.00
  •  Leduc, St. Albert………………. $150.00
  •  Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan….. $180.00

* If more than one caliper tree, add $40.00 per additional tree.

* If the hole for the tree root ball has been previously dug and is the correct size, the delivery crew will place the tree in the hole unless otherwise stated.

*Delivery charge is based on delivery to one address only.

*Potted trees (up to and including 5) can be delivered for the flat rate based on area delivered to.



Includes: digging of the hole, removing excess soil and planting the tree. This does not include removing old stumps, dead trees, planting over top of old root systems or staking. Staking can be requested for a charge of $20/tree

** Lines must be marked before installation

Caliper Trees:

  • 1st Tree: $225.00 + Delivery Cost
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th trees: $ 150.00ea + $40.00 ea delivery

*Please call for a quote on delivery or installation of a large volume of caliper trees.